Best Broadband Deals

There are a lot of UK comparison sites out there which try to evaluate
the best broadband deals but mostly they are trying to sort by price.
The trouble is, how do you compare Apple computers with the Orange
phone network? Or any low cost broadband bundled with phone line
rental against SKY TV and free broadband? In the end I think you have
to go with one of the biggest name suppliers and choose only the
extras that you really need. So if you don't have any interest in
browsing hundreds of free to air TV channels about obscure niches for
minority market segments then don't bother with the SKY TV best
broadband deal. On the other hand if you already have a UK widescreen HD
ready TV screen, or are thinking of getting one, then you'll need the
SKY HD box in order to get the widest selection of content in HD so
you might as well get the best broadband thrown in on the back of it.

SKY+ plus

Sky Plus is a box with two tuners connected to your TV that records
one channel whilst you watch another, or record two channels at the
same time, with a minimum of 40 recorded TV time capacity. The other
big advantage is Instant Replay of live TV and pause. The software is
very clever with a 'series link' facility that allows you to record
favourite programmes whenever they are broadcast. Remote Record Sky+
lets you record your favourite TV wherever you are. Record from your
mobile phone, or online via the SKY.COM website.

You can add all this when joining Sky for just an extra one-off £99
set up charge and it really is best to do it at sign up because if you
try to upgrade later it will mean replacing the newly installed single
cabling with double. That's something to bear in mind  when taking
advantage of the SKY TV and broadband package, which is clearly one of
the best broadband deals currently available, and likely to remain so
long after any initial contract period has expired.

published March 2008 for Dark Cut,13b High Road London N22 6HH United Kingdom